Since 1956 this German airline has been connecting the most important destinations worldwide, offering passengers the most comfortable and efficient way to travel anywhere in the world.


To create awareness of the new low-cost flights that the company launched between January and February in order to make flying more affordable in times of economic difficulty and to redirect traffic to its website in order to promote these offers.

Solution- Proposal

An SMS Push action using the database
In order to differentiate ourselves from other similar campaigns, we proposed an SMS teaser action during the first week whereby information about the brand was withheld, and only the destination was revealed, in this case, Milan. The second part of the campaign, ten days later, invited the user to visit the website through a link which contained both the promotion and price of the fare and the brand name.


The campaign was directed at a total of 13,750 users, therefore, between the two different actions a total of 27,500 SMS were sent.
The campaign was a success, according to the brand, thanks to the large volume of users who visited the website and purchased low-cost flights.

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