Nestlé, as a leading food and beverages company is faced with a challenge: the nutrition, health and well-being of its consumers at each stage in their lives, in all places, and at all times.


To create awareness of the Nestlé portal during a sporting event. The brand’s primary objectives are to listen to consumers, learn about what they want, respond to their questions and fulfil their expectations both rapidly and efficiently.

Solution- Proposal

We suggested that they could target an audience of sport lovers through a banner campaign in all RTVE channels in the Beijing Olympic Games.

The banners were linked to four landing pages:

Menu for sports lovers:
Page 1: Home page with a list of linkable menus
Page 2: Menu in full with link to recipe
Page 3: Recipe in full (photo and text)

Page 1: Home page with a list of linkable video-recipes
Page 2: Viewing of selected video-recipes

Page 1: Home page with a list of linkable nutri-advice
Page 2: Viewing of selected nutri-advice

Play and learn:
Page 1: Home page explaining the downloadable nutritional pyramid game with download button
Page 2: OK message for download

In order to increase Nestlé’s database, a form including name, e-mail and corresponding legal notice was included in all pages.


During the 17 days of campaign activity, 666,666 impressions were served in all channels and 11,865 clicks were recorded. CTR 1.78%.

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