The leading private health insurance company in Europe is fully committed to caring for what we are most concerned about: the health of our loved ones, the environment and research. They also want to communicate with their clients in plain, everyday language.


Branding and positioning campaign in the official portal of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, also directed at capturing new clients who are concerned about their health and consumers of sports information.

Solution- Proposal

We proposed a comprehensive campaign within the Olympic Games portal, from the sponsoring of the Medals of Glory game, to the sponsorship of the Spanish Team channels and the review channel, with all the current affairs of these channels within the Olympic Games, which included alerts, videos and banners. Sanitas also sponsored rotating banners in the rest of the channels.


During the period when the Olympics Games portal was active, for two weeks, 300,013 impressions were obtained. 15,000 alerts were sponsored, by which a total of 5,241 downloads of the game sponsored by Sanitas were carried out.
20,485 sponsored videos were served, with a pre-roll and post-roll ad.

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