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Geolocated Platform

Geolocation: the future. Mobile difference

The location-based mobile technology encompasses a wide variety of systems providing services to a customer or supplier information based on geographic location. The use of networks WIFI, WIMAX, Bluetooth supports, Smart Bluetooth, Beacons, increases the chances of geolocation and interaction.

This information can be used in mobile advertising in various ways such as:

       Interactive POS-POI

       Profiling zones

       Alerts / Notifications Push

The proximity marketing allows users to get real-time, personalized and content of interest to them, and downloadable at the time.

Adsmedia install and configure Bluetooth / WiFi zones, with remote control room management, events or POI's. We registered users for each of the actions, creating databases opt-in or identifying users in every action or frequency. The platform integrates with proximity advertising platforms and Big Data Analitycs

For more information LBS (Location Based Services) and LBA (Location Based Advertising contact us.

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