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Mobile commerce

A tool for commerce

The wireless to showrooming is increasingly widespread, so users use their smart devices to view and compare deals in physical stores. Thus, if what is offered in the virtual world convinces them more in price than what they are seeing, comes to online shopping.

Retail stores, with Adsmedia, incorporates the advantages of mobile and platform BIG MOBILE DATA:

       Predict decide and optimize customer value for trade.

       Predict and route calls to a "call center".

       Behaviors and commuting vehicles and people.

       Capturing User registration

       Predict the actual value and the number of customers for shops and sections on a weekly and daily basis.

       Predicting the traffic of people on the streets or malls. Shopping Areas

       Recruitment impulsive clustered


       Interaction in real time services and service offerings

       Information behavior. Clustering customers

       Offers more tight and perception of "differentiated value"

       Communication Channel Trade- user

       Communication systems and digital ALERTS/NOTIFICATIONS permanently without cost.

       Behavioral Customer Data Base

MOBILE BIG DATA Adsmedia with mobile marketing platform provides results for different stores, retailers, products aimed at different segments of customers, visitors or potential customers:

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