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Data Segmentation to build Clusters & Subclusters

150 attributes, 40 clusters: build your own segments and targets

We provide our customers with Market Intelligence Data derived from Mobile Marketing Data and Big Data analysis to optimize their capacity for innovation and product development, while maximizing the use of data to make informed decisions

Our advanced hybrid segmentation approach produces interesting and viable segments of customers and detailed profiles to improve penetration rates and wear to convert statistical data in dynamic models that result in additional revenues for our clients.

Airlines, man, liquor, beverages, armed force, military, automotive, driver, biker, banking, finance, casino. clothes , computers and electronics,  concert, events, family planning, cosmetics and hygiene, dentists. lawyers, education, employment, youth, strength and energy, entertainment, sports equipment, healthy, fast food, shops and restaurants, tennis, social media, sports, technology, ticketing services, tourism, ...

and so on until 150 features

With the DATA obtained build Clusters and Targets for marketing strategy, following predictive modeling systems. More extensive Builder Clusters & Targets Platform for marketing and advertising managers.

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