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Predictive Big Data 

Yesterdays utopía, today.

Learn how your consumer behavior evolves and how purchasing decisions are made in the digital world

In this era of Big Data and widespread digitization of customer information, some companies miss out on a 360o view of the customer base. At Adsmedia we are creating dynamic models that display/predict user behavior, and measure the influencing effects on the consumers’ purchasing decision making process

PREDICTIVE MARKETING : Building dynamic models that represent markets’ behavior  and measure, in a combined way, all kinds of effects that affect the market.

Adsmedia’ Mobile Marketing Big Data service allows businesses to:

       Observe historic behavior

       Understand demographics 

       Predict churn

       Quantify efficacy of marketing actions per channel and product

       Estimate market potential before a product launch

       Determine the advertising effect on sales

       Analyze promotions by intensity, frequency, and targets

Login with Adsmedia and MOBILE MARKETING BIG DATA  Platform in mind that for many is still the distant future

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