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Sponsored Content

Content and mobile services monetizaci√≥n .

Adsmedia, facilitates App Developers, content publishers and mobile operators or marketing platform specific services or others to the MONETIZATION of mobile content and services.

Monetization by CPC, CPA, CPL or Revenue Share formats.

Mobile operators formats where voice calls are free for the mobile user (eg. Brazil). Sponsored Call Service for which the user hears an announcement on his call in exchange for a discount on your phone bill or content in social networks between adnetwork that allows advertisers to purchase advertising in social networks, paying for clicks to Users of social network or social networks or communities with their sponsored services.

The experience supports us. Adsmedia performed Beijing Olympics of 2008 for RTVE (Spanish Radio Television) on mobile broadcasting live every day; creating downloadable videos of the best moments so that users have direct and classroom experience and with the participation of mobile operators in their distribution.

This product allows:

  • Creation and Inventory tracking of mobile content sponsored ads.
  •  Management of end users receiving this content and  sending or visiting frequency
  •  Management of Sponsored  image / video contentdownloading.
  • Type of Business model definition : CPM, CPC or CPA.
  •  Provide information on the availability of inventory to third parties.
  •  Assign volume discounts or revenue share agreed by the client.

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