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 OPT-IN Data Bas

Opt-in Data Base generation

We improve your mobile advertising generating, managing and marketing Databases Opt-in.

Mobile marketing can be very personal, thanks to Mobile Permission Marketing, enabling brands to develop an ongoing dialogue with its customers to retain their brand. We maintain a relationship with our mobile user in which we obtain a permission level; this results in an extremely effective development by both parties. The relationship is achieved depending on the type of product or service you offer, the intensity of the relationship, the perception of value, etc., all of which logically requires a need for long-term orientation.

It is, ultimately, a distinctive way of marketing. Adsmedia have the tools and experience to help companies develop their own communities with a mobile support for better promotion.

       Create Database OPT-IN of potential customers

       Clustering and sub-segmentation DB own

       Mobile DB + digital

       Debug and improves DB

All processes are managed with DB Adsmedia Big Data Platform Mobile Real Time Geolocated segmentation and Behavior.

Ask for more information.  on how we can integrate this system into your actions.

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