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The DSP is a technological platform that allows advertisers to purchase prints or inventory MOBILE DISPLAY in multiple ad Adexchanges. Adsmedia has the largest Hispanic ADNETOWRK in over 17 countries.

Realtime DSP finds the optimal price for a print or Click following complex probabilistic algorithms that rely on databases of great magnitude. Processed with algorithmic systems. We evaluate in real time the price of printing based on the following data: historical talks of the URL, the content of the website user's browsing history, if it belongs to target the advertiser or if already converted a time,

Adsmedia manages and markets mobile inventory of groups leading media and social networks, and content developers APPS ensuring the highest return for advertisers. Our inventory allows campaigns with high performance and an elaborate segmentation, always aimed to satisfy the requirements thereof. Portales with traffic and click through excellent. A massive target with a high capacity for clustering and targeting for every need

Adsmedia Purchase Platform of advertising space or impressions in REAL TIME, RTB (Real-Time Bidding), competing with other advertisers on a network display. Through the use of cookies and Adsmedia SDK on sites and apps, key information about the user in real time (sex, age, device by accessing, behavior, etc.) Is obtained, giving a near certainty that the message will reach instantly the target audience or interested in the product / Service having this information target, the ADVERTISER must decide because puja to get that ad space in real time. Adsmedia has RTB platform to optimize customer investment.

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