Display Categories segmentación and geolocalización

  •  Expandable Banner: The ad appears in expanded banner media format, but to 5 seconds contracts. When the user clicks on the banner, the site's ad appears and fully expanded.
  •  Flip Banner: The banner placed on the Site rotates 180 degrees on itself and in the rear, a new banner appears with a different ad.
  • Cat Fish: The banner is hidden and appears at the top or bottom of the screen. Scrolls to be displayed in full.
  •  Interactive banners in Apps: This is an Interstitial placed in an App that encourages the user to interact with it (eg by a game). After the interaction, the user is given the option of visiting a landing page or watch a video.
  • Floating Banner: This banner does not appear in the corner of the screen, as traditional banners, but can appear in any position.
  •  Icon Ads: A New App appears on the main screen of the phone. Clicking the new App users access the advertiser's offer.
  • Dialog Ads: When you click on a banner placed within an app, the user accesses the advertiser's offer.
  • Push Ads: The user receives a notification that has an important message to read. Opening the notice the ad, which redirected to a landing page is displayed Advertiser.
  • Interstitial: Landing page automatically appears when navigating from one section to another portal redirected. When selecting the section, the interstitial and immediately appears you can return to portal content.
  • Interstitial Flip: The screen is displaying the user rotates 180 ° on itself and in the rear, the interstitial advertising appears advertiser.
  • MPU (Mid-Page Unit): Announcement that is within editorial content online.
  • AppWall: These are ads displayed in natural stops an application can contain very many variety show ... which offers automated based device performance. They are ads can provide great information as downloads video and applications.
  • Full Microsite Rich Media: Microsite that unfolds from a banner, text, icon ... any app. The microsite is displayed within the app itself, does not redirect the browser and press the Back button returns to the App. The videos and images microsite can share, to phone and Send via email
  • Pre and Post Roll Video: Before the video playback starts, an advertising video appears as opening it (or image). The same can happen to end playback of a video, a picture or video to appear shutting advertising content.
  • AdvertGames: Begin Before the game and at the end, an image of the advertiser appears in the form of sponsorship.
  • Display Premium (including VIVO-Brazil): Inventory of the most important sites and mobile Apps premium, segmented by interests and preferences. With over 55 million users opt-in Brazil, for example

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