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Hypertarget messaging.

Through Adsmedia ADSETS platform to send mass SMS or NOTIFICATIONS APP 100.00 in seconds are performed, you can also personalize messages up to 160 characters in SMS or free in Notifications to promote a new product, communicating a promotion, or any activity marketing.

We have a network broadcast SMS, MMS and NOTIFICATIONS that you can manage your lists and databases, simply upload and then send your message, the easier and operatively messages. We also offer our expertise to ensure you get the most out of your SMS / MMS campaigns and NOTIFICATIONS. For Feature and smartphones Phones,  unlimited scope.

The effectiveness of mobile communication makes consumers more receptive to your message. It is the mass medium par excellence, is always at hand and your response rates are 100% reliable

Adsmedia offers Databases Opt-in Geolocated targeted in several Latin American countries like Brazil with 55 million users opt-in ... messaging features can be present in phones without limitation. Smartphones Notifications without high cost. The level of segmentation that allows it: Behavior (areas haunting), device, Gender, Age, Contracted Services, City, behavior patterns, habits, socio economic class,…

Through Mobile Operator Services we analyze the behavior of mobile user who has frequented areas. This is accomplished through the operator, with three formats available: Satpush or Smartmessage, SMS and MMS operator.

Notifications Hypertarget Platform is linked to the Module BIG DATA MOBILE clustering of customers in order to identify the most suitable location and real-time for best ROI campaign

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