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Adsmedia presents its Marketplace

 Mobile Advertising Marketplace adsmedia

Revolutionary launch into the world of mobile Internet oriented to the Latino market through

Adsmedia, a pioneer in mobile Internet advertising world, has launched its advertising MarketPlace, self-service platform for mobile Internet advertising campaign, aimed at both agencies and advertisers who may employ their campaigns, as developers and creators of mobile Internet portals offer advertising space.

With the current mobile park inventory of the company, this platform is launched market-oriented Spanish and Latin, both in Europe and in America. This is a new meeting point for the development of mobile advertising, based on transparency and ease of use, which aspires to be the natural meeting point for advertisers, agencies, publishers and mobile applications developers.

The platform has an advanced intelligent system that allows you to plan campaigns in Performance and Premium models, and combinations thereof, with a thematic approach maximized by demographic, geographical, schedules, media, or terminal operators segmentation. Marketplace is designed to make both publishers and advertisers achieve maximum benefit, maximizing income or ROI, in each case.

With option to CPM or CPC campaigns, also allows different advertising formats, such as banner or video, among others. And with online access to carry out the monitoring and in-depth analysis and campaign optimization based on the results obtained in real time, anywhere. We hope that through the Marketplace, publishers achieve optimal revenues of their mobile sites through a flexible pricing system that will attract advertisers and these, in turn, will optimize your ROI through effective presence in the multi-market mobile environment.

Asdmedia Mobile is the leading company in Spain in Mobile Marketing and Advertising Solutions, besides being among the first in Europe in the development of these revolutionary concepts. The company is currently in a process of significant expansion, both in Spain and internationally, with a strong presence in Latin America and the Middle East.

Innovation and excellence of its products and services has made them work for world renowned brands such as Ford, ONCE, Audi, MSN, Coca-Cola, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Nestle, Carrefour, Pioneer, Visa Europe, Lufthansa, Adidas , among others.

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