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The Olympic Games in the Onportals of Movistar, Orange and Vodafone


RTVE and Adsmedia develop an agreement with the mobile portals of Movistar, Vodafone and Orange through which the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games can be followed.

  • The project includes the three “On portals” of the Spanish mobile operators and one “Off portal” which will enable access from 100% of terminals.
  • RTVE will promote the portals and mobile services in an unprecedented campaign.

RTVE and Adsmedia have developed the strategic agreement with three leading Spanish mobile operators for the development of their “On-portals”, Movistar emoción, Vodafone live and Orange world. Specific Olympic Games, sports or TV services may be followed live through the portals with full access to all their content.

In addition, the “Off portal” of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has been developed, which can be accessed from any mobile Internet browser and will be available from the 15th July. 

Furthermore, an off-line application has been developed which will facilitate access to all portal information concerning the Olympic Games, VOD, games, etc. This application may be downloaded from the RTVE website and the websites of the main Olympic sport federations which have also reached an agreement with Adsmedia.

RTVE has decided to commit itself to the most innovative media, such as the Internet and the mobile phone, in order to maximize diffusion. The Internet and mobile platforms will offer the latest news and live pictures and they will also provide added value services for the user such as free downloads of games and screensavers.

Within the framework of the agreement, RTVE will widely advertise the mobile channel, the portals and contents of the Olympic Games using TV and Internet ads. More than 1000 GRPs are expected for television. Likewise, the operators are developing a coordinated strategy for promoting their own campaigns. Adsmedia, thanks to these agreements, expects to reach 100% of mobile Internet users which exceed 6 million in Spain. Lastly, the leading brands in cars, consumer goods, private health insurance, banking, insurance, food and soft drinks have confirmed their presence in this grand international event with global impact. 

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