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VOCES and Adsmedia collaborate with Bluetooth technology

The NGO, Voces and Adsmedia have reached an agreement for the installation of Bluetooth devices during the live tours of two main artists that make up this NGO: Mari de Chambao and Antonio Orozco.

The installation of Bluetooth devices is also planned for special events of VOCES.

Sending information via Bluetooth represents a free service for users.

By way of this agreement, users will receive the digital leaflet of Voces to their terminals. The leaflet will include information concerning activities currently being held, downloadable photos of the artists and a presentation video. 

In the concerts and events, the artists will recommend that the audience connect their mobiles in order to receive information about Voces sent to them via the Bluetooth device.

This use of mobile technology represents a new initiative to benefit the most deprived and with which Voces wants to create awareness of the NGO among the fans of its most representative artists.

VOCES is a NGO founded in 2006, and focused on defending children’s rights throughout the world. It is supported by many Spanish artists such as Mari de Chambao, Antonio Orozco, Pau Donés, Hugo Silva or Iván Ferreiro among others, who use their public image to raise funds for the organisation.

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