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Business model

Geolocalized Real Time Predictive Big Data

Adsmedia gives App developers, media, advertising agencies and mobile carriers and Brands different business models tailored to their needs and developments of Mobile Marketing and Advertising. Models by CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA and performance adapted to any customer.


Licensing Adsmedia Mobile Marketing Platform ADSETS:  (Adserver, CMS, Big Data Platform, DSP and RTB) to directly manage their campaigns. Adsmedia gives a support 24/7, maintenance, training and campaign management and full integration into customer systems.

 SaaS (Software as a Service):

This model offers managed by ADSETS level of technology, including commercial, but directed and customer-oriented service: mobile operator companies / advertisers, developers, communication groups or advertising agency. Technology integration is adapted to CRM, Billing and Voice / Data Mobile Network, depending on customer needs. The customer pays a set-up-free and a monthly fee for use. Includes scalable platforms of: Adserver, CMS, Big Data Platform, DSP and RTB

Revenue Share:

In this model customer makes no investments or costs (no capex - no opex), and builds scalable profitable models without initial investment. The customer receives a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the business model supported by ADSETS, with or without Set up free. Revenue Share less risk and development, with Mobile Marketing and Advertising.

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