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About us

Adsmedia is one of the first companies in Advertising and Mobile Marketing in Europe, with a strong presence in South America and a GLOBAL vocation.


Adsmedia immediately adapts the mobile advertising products and services  OFFERS to market needs using proprietary technology: MOBILE MARKETING PLATFORM BIG DATA, DSP, RTB, ADSERVER and mobile platforms for advertising products for mobile Internet, Apps and messaging.

Mobile Marketing and Advertising delivering benefits to advertisers ,channel, end users and customers thanks to the adequacy of actions to individual user behavior. BEHAVIORAL MARKETING IN REAL TIME AND GEOLOCATION

We serve 360 ​​groups of media, media agencies, advertisers, brands, developers and mobile operators.

Our mission: INNOVATION .constantly our business model and our technology, customizing for each client, real time and geolocation one to one. We develop and reinvent our services constantly getting the proper development and growth of the market for Mobile Advertising. Results-oriented, performance and success of our customers

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